why the the?

When writing is translated to English and where credit is given, the credit is usually phrased similar to this: “translated from the Japanese by Jay Rubin”.

Why the “the”? Nobody says “I speak the Japanese”. Is the word “language” implicit? That is, should it be read as “translated from the Japanese [language] by Jay Rubin”? Or could the word “original” be implicit? Or is it a holdover from the past when the definite article was used more often? (Was the definite article even used more often in English in the past?) I have no idea; googling this is proving to be difficult.

gnome 2.19.6

Gnome 2.19.6 is slated to be released on Monday the 30th of July. I expect that Mauro and I will be submitting it to Factory starting shortly thereafter. Hopefully it will make it into Alpha 7.

per-blog settings in blogger

Is it possible to show a different profile in each Blogger blog one maintains?

frist psot

First post. Woo. I'll be writing about things I do at work, in English.

My other blogspot blogs are where I embarrass myself with my poor French and where my wife and I review various things, in English, Spanish, and, in theory, French. Both are, currently, updated sporadically.