ginger ale

On Sunday, Alma and I brewed a small batch of ginger ale. We roughly followed the directions at http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Ginger-Ale. We deviated from the recipe a little bit in using limes instead of lemons. Hey, we're in Mexico — what do you expect?

It finished brewing this morning (by our estimation). We let it refrigerate during the day, and just now opened and tried it. It was pretty good.

Next time, we'll probably use fewer limes, so it's less citrusy; more ginger; and more yeast, so it comes out fizzier.

Not bad at all for a first try!


chibiace said...

more yeast + glass bottles = wait for explosion in the night.

Michael Wolf said...

We recycled a 2 litre soda bottle for that very reason. (Plus we didn't have any glass bottles handy. :)) Maybe when we have a better idea of what the ideal proportions of ingredients are we'll graduate to proper glass bottles.